Recovery after hernia surgery depends on proper care. The recovery period will take longer for the open surgery, unlike laparoscopic surgery. Proper care includes medication and diet among other things. Certain activities also need to be avoided until the wound has had enough time for healing. There are certain things to consider, for instance, avoiding driving. Here are more care issues for proper healing.

Wound care

Proper care of the wound includes avoiding taking showers. Wait for 36 hours after the surgery, when the gauze can be taken off. There will be remaining tapes on the wound that you need to avoid getting wet. Avoid getting into a bath, as the wound will get wet. Avoid ointments and medication that have not been prescribed by the doctor.


After hernia surgery, it is important to consider a strict diet. Immediately after a hernia surgery in Hampshire, a very heavy diet is not recommended. More fluids in your diet are advised. Poor appetite is noticed in some patients. This should return after a short time as the healing continues in the body. If nausea and low appetite are persistent, go back to the doctor.


The amount of time taken to return to work after hernia surgery mostly depends on the patient. There is no standard time. The time taken will depend on the care you take of the wound. After open hernia surgery, it will probably take about 4-6 weeks. After this time, the pain will be gone, and the wound healed.


Immediately after the surgery, the wound is very painful, and it requires medication. Doing activities at this time is not advised. Undertaking strenuous activities will cause more pain. You can walk, climb some stairs, and do very light activities. But stay alert to any kind of pain that you have and stop the activity immediately.

Bowel movements

The first bowel movement can be expected from day 1 to day 5. This is a variation that is acceptable. This is as long as nausea and abdominal pain is not experienced. Before this, a lot of gas can be passed, as one is not able to belch. Diarrhoea can be experienced in some patients within the first days after surgery.


After hernia surgery, the doctor prescribes some medication. The medication mostly includes antibiotics and pain relievers. Ensure they are taken diligently.

It is important to know when to call a doctor or return to the health facility. Call the doctor after experiencing the following; shaking chills, increased instead of reduced pain, pus passing from the wound, high fever and persistent nausea. Follow these tips for the best care, for proper healing.