How Addictions Begin in Women

Addictions are closely tied to a woman’s self-esteem, which is often severely damaged from ongoing criticism, bullying, or other types of abuse. When women do not see anything good about themselves, they stop caring about what could happen to them from the harmful substances that they are putting into their bodies. Women also have their self-esteem lowered if they have no stability in their home or work environments for quite some time. They might feel unsure about what is going to happen to them on a day-to-day basis, which causes the women depression and anxiety, and they often have no one to talk to about their struggles. Sometimes, there is also a genetic or learned factor at play in a woman’s choice to turn to drugs or alcohol. If they have close family members or friends who have suffered from addictions, they have a much greater chance of becoming one too.


The Impact of Addictions on Emotions

An addiction to drugs or alcohol has a serious impact on a woman emotionally because of the constant struggle between their cravings for the harmful substances and their desire to be free from them. Many addicts don’t want to continue down the path that they have been on for so long, but breaking loose seems impossible. Each time that they fail at trying to stop using the substances that they are addicted to, the worse that they feel about themselves. On top of this, drug and alcohol addicts often have to lie, steal, cheat, and sometimes even prostitute themselves to acquire the substances they are addicted to. Their actions cause harm to themselves and others, and this damages their self-esteem and self-worth tremendously.

Self-Esteem and the Likeliness of Relapse

Sometimes, addicts are able to find the strength to temporarily stop drinking and using drugs on their own, but if they do not receive treatment for their low self-esteem, they have a much greater chance of relapsing back into their addictions. Even after having remained sober for years, a stressful event or bad situation can trigger old familiar negative feelings, such as worthlessness and guilt, and if they do not know how to handle them, they will return to their old pattern of drug and alcohol abuse.

How Rehabilitation Centers Help Increase Self-Esteem in Addicts

By going to a rehabilitation center, women can begin to heal and feel better about themselves, while learning ways to change their lives for the better. The self-esteem that they are lacking is built back up by making them aware of all of the positive things about themselves, so they can start to see more than just their mistakes and failures. This is done through group therapy and individual counseling. Women are taught how to re-train their thoughts through mindfulness and meditation to stop negative self-talk and beliefs and replace them with those that are positive. For example, if they have a negative thought of believing that they are a failure, they are taught to quickly pause to identify this false belief, and then, replace it with a thought that they will succeed instead.

Self-Esteem Takes Patience and Time

Increasing a woman’s self-esteem at a women’s rehab center is not an overnight process. It takes a considerable amount of time and dedication to the healing process. Because of this, addicts should consider long-term care at a rehabilitation center instead of just a one to two week stay. The longer that they have to work with therapists and other recovering addicts, the more likely they will have a chance of staying sober once they are released.