Obesity & Weight Loss Surgery in India

A dangerously high percentage of people are obese in India, at present. Obesity refers to the excess accumulation of fat in the human body and is measured in units of BMI or Body Mass Index. People who are overweight as per their BMI have a reduced life expectancy and sooner or later, may face chronic health problems. In case of severe obesity and if the patient is unable to lose weight through change in diet or physical activity, the doctors recommend weight loss surgery on the go. Weight loss surgery is recommended to patients after the doctor carefully examines them. What makes a person the right candidate for weight loss surgery, let us explore!

Who is the right candidate for Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgery is not an ideal solution for every obese person’s condition; there are a lot of critical factors this depends on. Below are the points, on which, the fate of this life-changing surgery depends:

  • Endurance

Only if a person is healthy enough to tolerate the procedure of a weight loss surgery in India, but heavy enough to need the same, is this method suggested. The person should also be able to handle the recovery process and the rapid physical changes post-surgery. After the surgery, patients are supposed to make some major life-changing alterations to their lifestyle and diet, which is again a topic of endurance.

  • Comorbidity

You have a life-shortening disease process, heart disease, diabetes or obstructive sleep apnea that can be improved by losing weight.

  • The patient has a BMI equal to or greater to 40
  • No improvement in weight for at least last 2 years, despite of desperately trying
  • You have been obese for an extended period of time, at least three to five years
  • You do not have any addiction to drugs or alcohol; or, even you had an addiction, you no longer have it.
  • You are a non-smoker or have quit smoking
  • You are an adult under the age of 65

Although it is certain that after meeting these criteria, a person will be free to have a weight loss surgery right away, but still, your surgeon will be the one to make the final decision.

Who cannot /should not consider getting Weight Loss Surgery?

It is noteworthy, that there are some conditions wherein weight loss surgery is strictly prohibited to some patients. This is so as the risk outweighs the potential rewards of the procedure, or even worse, there is the risk of death during the procedure.

  • If The Patient Is Too Heavy

Those who are too heavy are first instructed to lose some weight before the surgery to come under a safe slab.

  • If The Patient Is Not As Heavy As Required For The Surgery

Patients who weigh below the minimum amount of weight required for the surgery are advised that the risks of surgery can be higher than the benefits in their case.

  • Age Criteria

Generally, surgeons refrain from performing weight loss surgery on the patients under the age of eighteen. The reason behind this is to wait until the patient is better equipped to make such a life-altering decision.

  • Other Health Conditions

There are many health conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes, which may prevent the weight loss surgery or may dramatically increase the surgical risks behind.

Considering all these factors and much more, the surgeon at the end of the day decides whether the patient is a good applicant for weight loss surgery or not. Once approved for the surgery, the surgeon then helps the patient determine which type of surgery is the right one for him or her.