For years people have been sleeping on traditional cotton or downs pillow through the night. However, a few recent studies have shown that these pillows actually can lead to more wrinkles on the face. So a few companies have now developed what is called a wrinkle reducing pillow. These pillows are made of fabrics that do not cause the facial skin to compress and wrinkle while a person is sleeping. These pillows are going to revolutionize skin care, so here are three reasons to pick one up.

1. Age is Just a Number

As medicine and diet gets better, people are living longer. However, one thing all people have in common, no matter their age, is sleep. On average, it is recommended that an adult have between 6 and 10 hours of sleep depending on activity. This means that nearly half the day is spent damaging the facial muscles and causing wrinkles. This is almost as bad as spending a lot of time unprotected in the sun. The wrinkle free pillow will help that problem. With one of these pillows, people can not only live longer, but look younger as well.Image result for Three Reasons to Buy a Wrinkle Reducing Pillow

2. Botox isn’t Enough

From the wealthiest to even the middle class, many people have turned to Botox to deal with wrinkles in the face. However, many plastic surgeons argue that sleep wrinkles are impossible to treat via the injections. Botox is effective at treating wrinkles cause by muscle contractions in the face. Sleep wrinkles are not caused by these contractions, but from contact with a sleep surface.  So instead of spending money on this very expensive procedure, spend a whole lot less on a wrinkle reducing pillow. It will end up being a better value and cause a lot less issues down the line. Plus it is a much more natural alternative than surgeries.

3. Sleeping on the Back

The other solution for sleep wrinkles is a person sleeping on their back. This is not recommended for a lot of reasons. First of all, some people suffer from sleep apnea and sleeping on the back can cause complications. Also, people naturally move all through the night. According to some studies, most people switch positions dozens of times per night, including a vast majority sleeping on their sides and some even on their stomachs. A wrinkle reducing pillow eliminates this problem, because no matter what sleeping position a person chooses to take, 

Sleeping should not mean that a person cannot protect their face from premature aging. With this new pillow, combined with a good night’s sleep and proper facial care, a person can shave years off their looks, all without harmful surgeries or injections.