Our teeth require regular attention and care to shine and stay healthy and we can’t agree more, right? However, even after visiting your dentist at regular intervals, brushing, flossing, there may be a time when they might get damaged. If it has happened to you too, never fear.

These days, there are numerous options available allowing your dentist to replace or restore the missing or damaged teeth. Take a look at the following sections and get informed about various types of procedures and techniques involved in tooth restoration.

Dental Crowns

These dental crows are basically custom created to fit over a damaged tooth to ultimately protect and seal it. They are often used after root canal procedure. They are very much beneficial for protecting the damaged teeth from any kind of further harm. They are generally made up from top quality materials that look completely natural.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is suggested when a tooth is missing completely. There are major two parts to dental implant, the replacement tooth and the implant. These implants use latest technology that functions as well as look just like a regular tooth especially if it is cared for well.

Dental Filings

Filings help in restoring the normal function to the damaged teeth by the bacterial infection. Once the decayed tooth material is properly removed, the affected area is being cleaned and filled to prevent any kind of further damage to tooth. The reliable and reputable dentists in Southport make use of porcelain, white fillings when it comes to filling a tooth. For longer durability, they might even use a gold or porcelain inlay for back teeth.


Inlays are generally used when your teeth needs more than just a filling, but less than crown. By using it, more of original tooth can easily be preserved as compared to crown. Inlay is normally placed between points of tooth, while onlay is placed over one or even more of points.

If you too have got damaged teeth, you too require determining the right restoration for you. Schedule an appointment with the best dentist right away and bring back that gorgeous smile!