When you’re looking for health insurance, one of the steps is to get quotes from various insurance companies so that you can pick the monthly payment plan you can afford. The same thing applies when you’re looking for critical illness insurance. You need to contact various insurers to get critical illness insurance quotes.

Critical illness insurance is different from regular health insurance. There’s no discussion about deductibles and copayments. There’s no issue regarding which treatments and medicines are covered. That’s because it’s actually similar to life insurance—if you’re stricken by a critical illness covered by the policy (such as cancer, heart disease, or stroke) you get a lump sum to help you out. This is tax-free money, and you can use it for whatever purpose you wish.

Here are some reasons why critical illness insurance is a great addition to your insurance coverage:

  1. No work. When you’re suddenly afflicted by a critical illness, you’ll be unable to work. That’s what “critical” means, as it’s not referring to a runny nose. The problem is that this period of not being able to work can last 2 years instead of 2 months.
  2. Regular bills to pay. While you’re unable to work, you’re still required to pay your usual bills. This means your mortgage or rent, food, utilities and other expenses. In fact, you’re also obliged to continue paying for your health insurance each month. You can’t afford not to, since your health insurance is probably paying for a significant percentage of your medical bills.
  3. Medical bills. Having health insurance means that the insurance company pays for part of the medical bills. It doesn’t mean the company pays for everything. This starts with the deductible, and then afterwards you may still share in paying for part of the bills. It’s also possible that there’s a limit in the amount of money the insurance company will pay out. Having that lump sum of money can help cover these bills.
  4. Extra expenses not covered by insurance. Insurance companies also have their own ideas on what kind of medicines, treatments, and other therapies they will cover. It’s possible that you may want to go to a hospital or medical center that specializes on your condition, but the insurance company may not cover the treatment. With the lump sum from the critical illness insurance, you have the money to pay for the treatment you want.
  5. Home care and renovations. You will probably need in-home care providers, and not all insurance companies will cover the costs. You may also need to renovate your home to accommodate the wheelchair you need to use.

Here’s one sobering fact: about ⅔ of bankruptcies are because of a serious medical illness. Of those people who were bankrupted because of health issues, 80% had health insurance.

What this means is that for many people, having health insurance isn’t enough. Not even having some money in a savings account can guarantee that you’ll have the money you need. Every dollar helps, and that means you need to check out critical illness insurance quotes so you can get the extra protection you need.