We all know about performance enhancing drugs. For the longest time, anabolic steroids have helped bodybuilders in doing better, despite all the associated rules and regulations. In fact, longstanding bans have impacted the sale of these compounds, but the popularity water-based injectables refuses to die down. Most steroids are available in form of pills and injectables, and the latter is believed to be better in certain aspects. In this post, we will try to understand major aspects about injectable anabolic compounds.

Using injectable steroids

Seasoned bodybuilders often prefer injectable anabolic compounds over pills. When you inject a drug, it doesn’t have to pass through the liver, and thereby, the benefits are intact. In simpler terms, injectable steroids have better bioavailability. However, it is important to note that most of the injectable steroids are not available legally, at least in the US. The rules and legal aspects of steroids largely depend on the location. In some cases, one can get a prescription for an injectable steroid, but it will be administered by the concerned physician only. Also, the prescribed amount of such compound is much lesser than what you would need for bodybuilding benefits.

Making a choice

Steroids can offer great results in a short time, but you have to be careful about using them. Anabolic compounds are not completely safe, and there are a few associated side effects that cannot be ignored. Most experts are concerned about liver damage. This can be minimized with injectable steroid, which as mentioned earlier doesn’t have to pass through the liver. However, this doesn’t always mean that the steroid will not impact the liver or the other major organs. There are all sorts of performance enhancing drugs in the market, and since these are not available in the open market, some are made in underground labs. You might want to get your injectable steroid from one of the reliable research supply labs.

Finally, no steroid is a miracle drug. No matter what claims are made, steroids will not work in any form, unless you have a diet in place. Your workout regimen and commitment to the fitness goals are two other factors that matter in the long run. If you have any cardiovascular disease or liver issues, it is advisable to talk to a doctor, so that you can understand the pros and cons better. Also, take your time to understand the dosage and cycle.