There are a large number of products available to help people to lose weight. As with other medicinal products, so-called slimming tablets are available either on prescription or as over the counter products that are available in much greater varieties. But do any of them work, and if so, how?

How Slimming Tablets Work

It should be said straight away that a slimming tablet or aid will not work unless the person using it makes sensible and appropriate lifestyle changes. The role of diet and the amount of exercise undertaken play a vital part in the regime of anyone who is trying to lose weight.

Some weight loss products work by suppressing the appetite. For example, one drug on the market contains a fiber extracted from seaweed; this gives the user a sense of being full, and they, therefore, crave less food, resulting in a loss of weight.

Others work by using thermogenesis which speeds up the rate at which the body breaks down fat. Other products increase and boost the body’s metabolism. By doing so, they make any exercise taken more effective, and the user usually feels less hungry, resulting again in a decrease in the number of calories taken in.

Do They Work?

Products that claim to help with weight loss and suggest the user can drop pounds and pounds in short periods of time are generally making unrealistic claims.

There are a number of products available that, if properly used, can help with weight loss. These are usually for use with a suggested diet and exercise plan, which alone could bring about a significant loss of weight.

How effective products are in helping people lose weight obviously depends upon the quality of the product and the way in which they are used. It may not be the active ingredients that help achieve the loss of weight: quite often the mere fact that someone has decided to lose weight will motivate them to make positive changes in their lifestyle and diet, for example taking more physical exercise and taking care in choosing what to eat and when.

For those who are clinically obese and need to lose a lot of weight, several options can be obtained through a doctor’s prescription. The main two drugs available are quite different in the way that they work. One (Orlistat) impedes the action of lipase which is the enzyme responsible for breaking down fat and allowing it to be digested. Another (Sibutramine) works by enhancing levels of serotonin which helps a person feel full and reduces the amount of food they crave.

It would be fair to say that, so long as they are used correctly, slimming pills can help a person to lose weight. It may be that they do so because they go alongside other helpful changes in the individual’s lifestyle. This supposes, of course, that the user does not have a medical condition that makes the use of such products potentially harmful. Anyone who has concerns about using slimming products should consult a pharmacist or doctor before using them.