Butt lifting is a very common and almost harmless procedure that is most beneficial for women between the age of 25-45. And Sculptra is the treatment that you should be focusing on because this butt lift firming procedure is non-surgical as well as close to painless. However, one of the biggest concerns is the clinic that you choose for the treatment. This is because, though the procedure causes no allergy on its own, unhygienic conditions during the procedure can lead to infections. Thus, it is best to undergo Clinique anti aging butt lift since the clinic has a stunning reputation and hubs some of the most experienced doctors.

Things That You Must Know About Sculptra Butt Lifting Procedure

Sculptra is a natural biostimulant made from PLLA that is a solution made with fruit acids. PLLA or Poly-L-lacticacid, when injected in the buttocks of the patient, starts activating the dormant collagen. And collagen is the body protein that is related to aging. Collagen prepares new skin cells. And when it becomes inactive, the cells start losing their firmness and volume and the new ones aren’t formed speedily to replace the old, dying ones. So, PLLA increases the production of collagen, enabling it to make new plump cells again. As a result, the butt looks rounded and shapely. Besides, Sculptra is not implantation. Hence, the butt treated with Sculptra does not look unnatural.

Benefits Of Sculptra that Makes It So Popular

Sculptra is undoubtedly famous because it’s safe. But other than this, it has some more major benefits that are listed below for your reference.

  • This non-surgical procedure is less likely to cause allergy as long as it is performed in hygienic conditions
  • It is a value for money procedure because the results of PLLA last for 2 years when maintained properly
  • You don’t have to seek the doctor for touch-ups every 3 months. Instead, it is best to seek advice once a year
  • It heals quite quickly and needs no recovery time

Things To Evaluate Before Undergoing Sculptra Butt Lift Treatment

Whilst safest in the market, there are still a few things you should know about Sculptra before you undergo the treatment.

  • Sculptra may lead to temporary scarring, redness, or discoloration. But they aren’t permanent
  • Sometimes there can be lumps that develop post-treatment. Not dangerous in any way, but they require a few additional sittings to be corrected
  • There are no long-term side effects, but the treatment can lead to temporary swelling and inflammation if you don’t take proper rest