“Yoni” is the traditional Sanskrit word for a woman’s most intimate area, and loosely translates as “sacred cave”. As the name suggests, yoni massage therefore treats area with the love and respect that it deserves. Similar to many other types of massage, yoni massage works to release tension in and around the vagina. What makes it unique, though, is the fact that this is one of the most intimate parts of your body- and when done right, a yoni massage can bring huge benefits not only to your sex life, but also to your health and wellbeing, too.

In sex, it’s rare for a woman to purely receive. With a yoni massage, though, all the focus is on you. This allows you to completely relax, and focus on the feelings and sensations which come with this intimate experience. Some women orgasm during the massage, but not everybody does. Instead, it’s about learning what feels best for you, so that you will then be able to get more out of your sex life. Plenty of women feel too embarrassed to fully explore their vagina, and therefore have no idea what they like. A yoni massage is an opportunity to get some expert help in figuring out what feels best for you. You’ll then be able to take those lessons and apply them to your own sex life, and better communicate with your partner. When your needs are being met, you’ll both have a great time together!

It’s important to note that a yoni massage is not a sexual experience. Rather, it’s all about letting you connect with your own body, and release any emotions which may be pent up. Since the vagina is such a vital part of your body, it’s easy for stress and tension to be built up around this area. A yoni massage gives you the chance to release that tension. It can therefore be a highly emotional healing experience, but your expert masseuse will be able to guide you through it, and ensure that you are able to let go of those negative emotions in the right way. Afterwards, many women report that they feel much happier and more confident in their daily lives, and are free from many of the frustrations and negative feelings that they had before.

Of course, when dealing with such an intimate area, the massage must be carried out in a particular way. A proper yoni massage is almost like a ritual, since your yoni deserves to be treated with reverence and respect. Proper communication throughout is also key, since the masseuse will be focused on what you want them to do, and what feels best for you. You’ll therefore want to make the right choice when it comes to selecting a masseuse- but fortunately, Tantric Therapy are always available to help you harness the full power of your sexuality. No more holding yourself back, or feeling unsatisfied after sex. By booking a yoni massage, you’ll find that your sex life is totally transformed- and you’ll feel better in your day-to-day life, too. Make sure you try yoni massage for yourself, and discover all the benefits that it can bring!