Also known as frenotomy or frenulectomy, a frenectomy is viewed as a procedure which is commonly performed in dentistry. This procedure removes frenulum which is considered a small fold of tissue which averts an organ in your body from moving very far. It is referred to frenula in different places on a person’s body. This is related to renuloplasty, which is a surgical change in frenulum. Mostly done for orthodontic purposes, the process of frenectomy is either accomplished inside the middle of the upper lip, and it is recognized as labial frenectomy. At times, it is also done under the tongue, and this process is called lingual frenectomy.

Generally, frenectomy is performed on infants, children, and grown-ups. In infants, an extended lingual frenum might make it tough for nursing or for feeding enough from a bottle. When a child suffers from this condition, then it is commonly recognized as ‘tongue-tied.’ At times, people wonder as to how much does a frenectomy cost and so, they ignore this problem. If this abnormality is left uncorrected, then the child when reaches his toddler years might face a little difficulty at the time of speaking compared to his peers. This condition doesn’t get detected by a general dentist or a pediatrician during the routine check-ups.

The types of the frenum

Frenectomy is considered a simple oral surgical operation which lessens the occurrence of a frenum in your mouth. A frenum is viewed as a muscular attachment between the two tissues that are found inside the cheeks and lips and also inside your mouth and gums. The two kinds of frenum in your mouth are called 1) Labial frenum and 2) Lingual frenum.

A labial frenum is recognized as a muscular tissue which connects the inside of your upper lip to the middle of the gums between your two upper front teeth. When this frenum remains present, then it develops a huge gap between your two upper front teeth, and it also causes recession of the gums through the process of drawing the gums from the jaw bone.

A lingual frenum is considered the muscular tissue which joins the bottom middle of your tongue to the base of your mouth. Sometimes, lingual frenum which extends to the tip of your tongue restricts you from eating as well as speaking correctly. A lingual frenectomy can be performed when the presence of frenum averts you from eating and speaking well.

Benefits of frenectomy

Patients who have endured the process of frenectomy have experienced an improved quality of life.

Labial frenectomy:

  • It lessens oral discomfort.
  • It stabilizes dentures amongst denture users
  • It improves your bite function.
  • It improves your self-confidence.
  • It augments your facial appearance via the removal of the tooth gap that happens between your two upper front teeth.

Lingual frenectomy:

  • It improves your communication as well as expression.
  • It augments your appetite as you can eat properly.

When you still have queries regarding the process of frenectomy or if you don’t know how much does a frenectomy cost, then you can talk with a dentist. Your dentist will be able to provide you with an improved understanding of this procedure.