By taking conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), you can trade unwanted fat for lean, fat-burning muscle. Did you realize that obesity in the United States has increased by 61 percent just in the past decade or so? One clue to how we gained weight so quickly was a deficiency in a dietary substance that wasn’t discovered in the late 1970s. The culprit was CLA. CLA has many health benefits that everyone can enjoy including bodybuilders, athletes and dieters everywhere. It is now known that CLA can help your body to metabolize existing fat stores which is a major key to losing fat. CLA has the ability to increase the portion of lean muscle to fat and because muscle burns more calories than fat more calories are burned. The more muscle you build the more calories you burn. Unlike prescription Adipex or other chemical products, CLA is a natural, stimulant-free fatty acid that can help you build muscle, support healthy weight loss and promote exercise recovery.Image result for Where to buy CLA online?

In human clinical trials, obese individuals given CLA lost an inch off their waist lines in a 12 week period. The control group had no significant change in the waist measurements. Both groups didn’t change their eating or exercise habits during the trial. Another trial had patients take 1,800 mg of CLA daily for 12 weeks and they lost 20 percent of their body fat.

It is believed that the average person in the United States gets around 15 to 175 mg of CLA a day. This is far below the amount needed for optimal fat burning and muscle building effects. The only way to get enough CLA to feel its benefits is by supplementation.

In choosing the best CLA supplement for burning fat, look for supplements that provide somewhere between 3,000 mg to 4,000 mg of CLA. This is in the minimal recommended range for weight loss. Stay away from CLAs that only list the amount of a blend or formula without telling you how much CLA is in a capsule. The capsule should contain 70 to 80 percent CLA. You might want to check out Amazon and see what they have to say about the manufacturer you want to buy from. The have analyzed a number of CLAs available on the market and can tell you what’s really there. Amazon has found that some products don’t contain the amount of CLA they have on their label. To see test results for CLA products and other natural supplements go to: Review of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) Supplements

Where to Buy CLA Products

There are literally thousands of brands of health and nutrition products. If you go to Amazon they will tell you where to buy products. You can easily find brands that they have tested. Not all products from all vendors have been tested at this time. The vendors on this website pay a fee to be listed but Consumer Lab doesn’t receive any revenue from purchases made.

CLA, like any other natural supplement, is sold just about everywhere. This includes grocery stores, discount stores, pharmacies, supplement health stores and numerous places on the internet.