Growing old is not a sickness or disease, it is a natural phenomenon that is experienced by all and everything animate and inanimate respectively. Once you pass the age of fifty or when you come close to this magical half century you would not be able to sustain doing things, you did when you were half that age. When you are young and robust your body would react quickly but you cannot expect the same when you grow old.

Even the best machinery manufactured with high precision components would deteriorate as time goes by. Even inanimate things left without use on the mantle place would have a life, though we cherish ancient artifacts, they too have served their purpose and would be just showpieces but not useable. This is the fact of life and we would need to accept it.

A Limit for Everything in Life

Sexual dysfunction in older men would depend on many factors which could be a psychological, physical or even a mental problem. It could also be all three put together hence it is an issue which even doctors are unable to treat effectively. Sexual dysfunction in men is directly related to what is generally diagnosed as Erectile Dysfunction or ED. This is the lack of libido to sustain an erection to have sexual intercourse.

When older men suddenly or even gradually realize that they are unable to sustain an erection and engage in sexual intercourse they would suffer psychologically. This would create a mental issue which could get aggravated into physical withdrawals. Older men would like to fantasize about their sexual exploits when they were young and that would work on their mental condition.

It is not only age that could bring the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction or ED, those who are diabetic when young, with high levels of cholesterol, those suffering from anxiety attacks could also experience this condition. Hence ED may not be a problem with only older men and if younger men are not careful with their health they could be affected too. Younger men should not for a moment think, that they would be safe and that this could be limited to only the older men.

Vices May Not Be the Only Issue

Excess consumption of alcohol could have very detrimental results in younger and older men, whilst the former may have the ability to stand such effects the latter may not. This is because of the deterioration of blood circulation in the bodies of those who would have passed that magical age of fifty years. Older men could arrest this condition if they would consume alcohol in moderation, quit or reduce tobacco smoking and try to keep a healthy body. If men start on the two former vices it is imperative that at a certain age their bodies would start deteriorating faster than that of others who do not have these vices.

That said, it is not a thumb rule that everyone who drinks alcohol and smoke tobacco would suffer from sexual dysfunction, mainly the problem of Erectile Dysfunction. There are many who would not have consumed alcohol or pulled in some tobacco smoke into their lungs suffering from ED. It may be due to their eating habits, lack of exercises, bad sleeping discipline, mental issues and a host of other problems.

We cannot say for certain that ED occurs because of this particular issue as it is a combination of problems that cause erectile dysfunction or other sexual dissatisfactions. If men could sustain a vigorous sexual lifestyle by engaging in sexual intercourse at least once a day from the time they become adolescents the problem of ED could be shelved for some time. That is to delay it into their old age, but life is not only engaging in sexual intercourse, there is more to life than that.

Marriage and Sex Are Two Sides on the Same Coin

Some young men and even women take the plunge and get married with only one thing in their young minds. That is the chance of engaging in sexual intercourse every day without any restrictions. It is this attitude that we see many young couples separating even before they could celebrate their first wedding anniversary. This shows that sexual intercourse and marriage are two entirely two sides of the same coin. They are both in the same league of things that we cherish in life but could be so different too.

If it was sexual intercourse only then we should not be having any divorces of which we see many which are not relevant to any particular society but is a universal issue. Hence when old age catches up on men, however much vigorous and sexually active life they would have had when they were young reality would set in when they are on the wrong side of their lives.

This shows that old age is inevitable and along with that like a hand in a glove, sexual dysfunction also referred to as Erectile Dysfunction or ED would also follow. There is no chance of avoiding either and when men get old they would need to accept this fact even if they are to do so reluctantly. They cannot have sexual intercourse until they die, animals don’t as they too suffer from ED, so why not their human counterparts.

Nature or God play their part

It is because of this that animals have an inherent heat season when the male and the female of every animal species having selected seasons for the arousal of sexual desires. They would mate only during a season, on that issue humans should thank Nature and if there is a God, He should be thanked profusely. It would be unthinkable if humans also had a heating season and would be mating only during certain times of the year.

Probably on second thoughts that would not be a very bad idea too, and could solve most of the problems our world is facing today. So maybe that Nature or God has decreed that if men were to be sexually active till they step into their graves what a chaotic world this would be. Thank Nature and God for that!