What is private health insurance?

Private Health Insurance is a system that covers you so that the insurer will pay for the medical procedures and treatments, and offer better quality care than you may receive from other treatments. The terms and conditions of the insurance policy you purchase will determine with whom and where you will receive the treatment and also for which treatments you will have to pay.

Advantages of choosing private health insurance:

There are many advantages of choosing Private Health Insurance. The basic principle is that you pay a premium when you require medical procedure. Below are some reasons why you should choose Private Health Insurance:

1.Shorter waiting time: Although in recent times the waiting period on NHS have reduced for many treatments, still for majority you have to wait for around 18 week on an average for most treatments. When for some conditions the waiting period is acceptable, there are certain conditions or illness where patients will face lots of pain and discomfort, and the delay may also worsen the case. Private medical health treatment is thus convenient, quicker and safer.

2.Quality hospitals: Private hospitals ensures privacy by offering a private room, most often attached with leisure facilities and in some cases a luxurious bathroom. In contrast, some NHS medical health care have mixed gender wards which make some patients uneasy and patients often complain of issues relating to privacy and over crowdedness. A private health care can offer better personal care as well as stability and continuity of care. It is most likely that you will be looked after by a dedicated consultant throughout the treatment.

3.Peace of mind: Many patients say the thought of going and getting treated in a private medical health care gives them peace of mind. The patients know in case if their condition deteriorates they will receive quick treatment and they are well informed of what kind of treatment they will be receiving beforehand. Private hospitals give out a clear guide of what they are like while NHS does not give you this knowledge.

4.Specialist treatment: The insurer can have a specialist team who deals with the particular illness, disease or condition you are facing, such as cancer. In that case, your insurer can arrange the best specialist treatment and service available for you, as they will be experienced in tackling with other patients suffering from the same illness. The experts will also be able to say beforehand in detail about the treatment and facilities you will be receiving. The knowledge that you acquire beforehand will prepare you and make you feel calmer and assured than you might feel while going for treatment at NHS.

5.Specialist referrals: You can request your GP to send you to a specialist or an expert who works privately to get a second view or specialist health care treatment. This cannot be done if you visit an NHS.

6.Choose your hospital and surgeon: In theory, you can choose your own hospital and surgeon to suit your place and time. This advantage is not available on the NHS.

7.Specialist drugs and physiotherapy: In NHS some specialist drugs are not available as they are too expensive. Also, you get faster access to physiotherapy sessions when you have a health insurance. You will have to wait through if you undergo NHS treatment.

Once you get private health insurance, you are bound to feel safe and secure. It is like making an investment for your future and worth the cost. To know more about private health insurance, contact Physio & More