Sleeve gastrectomy is a great way to lose weight from your body and make your body look slim and attractive. Sleeve gastrectomy is a surgery in which approximately 85% of the total volume of the stomach is removed from the stomach providing it the shape of a tube or cylinder. These tube shaped cylinder contains about the 60 to 150 cc volume of stomach depending upon the surgeon who is performing the surgery. The nerves and outlet valves of the stomach remains intact while the size and the volume of the stomach is reduced. With the intact nerves the stomach also performs its natural functions without causing any kind of stomach malfunction or infection.Image result for Working of sleeve gastrectomy.

As the new small shaped stomach functions naturally there are some precautions that the patients need to take in order of his wellbeing. Only selected foods are allowed to patients that he can consume after the surgery is done. As the volume of the stomach has been reduced the patients also consumes less food and doesn’t feel empty stomach. The greatest advantage of undergoing this surgery is that the majority of the stomach is removed along with the part which produces the hormones that are responsible for stimulating hunger inside of your stomach. After having gastric sleeve gold coast surgery, the patient will feel less hungry than a normal person with normal stomach.

What is sleeve gastrectomy?

This weight loss surgery puts the limitation on your normal food intake after surgery. You will feel that your stomach gets full at a very higher rate. With the help of this surgery a major chunk of your stomach is removed and the remaining stomach forms the cylindrical shape which makes you look slim on the stomach region. People who have under gone this surgery have shown some positive response towards the weight loss and many health related improvements.


These surgeries come with many added benefit. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Short stay at hospital: This surgery is usually performed with the help of Laparoscopy technology. Laparoscopy surgery is usually done in a very short period of time and the patient does not have to stay in the hospital for a long period of time. Laparoscopy also results in less pain and requires very nominal care; it also results in faster healing and recovery of the scars.
  • Saves your money: Sleeve gastrectomy helps in saving your money as it doesn’t require any costly drugs or medications as in case of other diseases which are related to overweight conditions. This surgery is a one-time payment only and doesn’t require daily medication.
  • Reduced hunger: Sleeve gastrectomy also helps in reducing the hunger inside of your stomach as the part that produces the hormone which stimulates the hunger is removed from the stomach during the surgery. Now you can work for a longer time without feeling cravings inside of your stomach.
  • Improved life: Many people consider this surgery as the new beginning of their life. Those people who are suffering from obesity can now enjoy their lives and achieve their goals in their lives.