Like most people, you have probably heard of EMFs or electromagnetic fields, and you may also have some idea of what they are. But the information you have likely heard falls into two distinct categories: either EMFs are harmful and can give you a wide variety of medical conditions or EMFs are just a hoax perpetuated by hippies, and they’re completely harmless. But what you should know is that EMFs are quite complicated, and the truth about them is complicated as well. For one, there’s still a lot of information that experts have not resolved, although many scientists and specialists are trying their best to find out as much as they can. But to begin with, here’s your essential guide to EMFs: are they harmful or not? What you need to know.

What are they?

EMFs refer to an invisible field of electricity which can surround particles which are electrically-charged. When the particles move (which they always do), they can produce or generate magnetic fields. Everything you touch has its related EMF.

The human body can handle exposure to a certain amount of EMFs, and you, in fact, produce EMFs yourself. It’s a naturally-occurring element. So, this means that even if you live in the middle of a jungle and are completely unplugged, as they say, you are still subject to EMFs.

Are they safe?

EMFs are naturally-occurring, which essentially means they are safe – but only up to a point. Today, there are too many EMFs in the earth’s atmosphere compared to a mere decade ago. With the introduction of cell phones, our exposure to EMFs became even more significant. Since the considerable rise in EMFs in the atmosphere happened over such a short period, our bodies haven’t had the time to adjust to this change, and the substantial increase in EMFs has been thought to cause cell damage as well.

The primary sources of electromagnetic fields

The thing about EMFs today is that they are virtually everywhere. Because of technology, we suffer constant exposure to EMFs. There are many sources of electromagnetic fields, and the most common source of EMFs is cell phones, mainly since we use them every day. Other sources include wireless Internet, even if it’s from your neighbour; wireless devices such as smart thermostats, security cameras, and baby monitors; microwave ovens, UV lights, light fixtures, and televisions and other electrical appliances.

Too much EMF exposure can result in damage to your cells, particularly the cells in the brain, which can lead to disruption in the immune system, behavioural issues, insomnia, changes in heart rate and blood pressure, and more. Even if you feel that the effects on your body may still be minimal, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. A particularly viable option would be to invest in EMF protection products such as jewellery and shields and stay ‘grounded’ as much as possible by walking barefoot on the earth. It not only feels good, but it’s also an easy way to protect yourself as well.